National Museum of Contemporary Art

Opened in October 2004, the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (MNAC) is a public cultural institution, whose main goals focus on providing a meaningful and stimulating environment for the exploration of contemporary art, to promote dialogue between Romanian contemporary art and the international scene, and to support innovative, experimental artistic views.
The Documentation and Digital Memory Department, briefly and straightforwardly called the MNAC Documentation, aims to set up an efficient system to manage the information on Romanian contemporary art.

National Museum of Contemporary Art
Documentation and Digital Memory Department
Palace of Parliament
Izvor 2-4 St., Wing E4
050563 Bucharest, Romania
+40 (0)21 318 9137

Database: DocuMnac

The main objective of the DocuMnac project is to enable a wider access to the information stored in the off-line database of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (MNAC). This is an essential approach for our cultural context, providing the Romanian and international contemporary art landscape with a more coherent look via a web documentation acting as a database.
It is a valuable and useful resource for museum specialists, as well as for the public of diverse categories, because it offers information on the Romanian and foreign artists whose contemporary art works are part of the MNAC collection, the project’s purpose being exclusively one of information, study and research.
Records: 1146
National Museum of Contemporary Art