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Founded in 1997, basis wien is a documentation centre for contemporary art in and outside Austria with special reference to the international context. It archives material on art production, presentation and reception in analogue and digital form. The gathered information is made available at a free-access online database, which was launched in 1999. The goal is to document the Austrian art scene in a way that portrays the full breadth of its artistic discourse at various levels (personal, institutional, medial) and with transparency.

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A - 1150 Vienna
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Database: basis wien

The free-access Art and Research Database basis wien records information on contemporary art in and outside Austria within an international context. Stored are current data on persons, institutions, events (projects, exhibitions and other events) and objects. The complex linking of all the data generates a dynamic picture of the diverse production contexts of Austrian artistic life since 1945.
Records: 125108
basis wien